Research shows that over 8 out of 10 people want to see more smoothies and milkshakes on the menu. When it comes to blended smoothies and milkshakes, we truly believe ‘it’s all about the base’ and in particular the right frozen yogurt base. Coolicious Fat Free Frozen Yogurt Smoothie Base is the easy solution to creating
thick and creamy smoothies and milkshakes that consumers desire.

Take 2 minutes to check out what consumers have to say about blended smoothies and milkshakes made with Coolicious...

  • Texture is nice, smooth and creamy
  • I wouldn’t be able to tell it’s fat free frozen yogurt because it tastes really good
  • Yummy, really yummy

Frozen yogurt is rapidly growing in popularity and has even been identified as an established trend in the M&C Allegra 2015 Menu and Food Trends Report. Hugely versatile, Coolicious Fat Free Frozen Yogurt Smoothie Base helps make your blended smoothies creamy and delicious, yet still fat free, and your milkshakes just as thick and satisfying as when using ice-cream, but lower in calories.


The convenient and easy way to drive profits throughout the day, our fat free frozen yogurt smoothie base is ideal for freshly blended breakfast smoothies, on-the-go blended coffee options and decadent dessert milkshakes – the only limit is your imagination!

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Flavours Available

Just Vanilla

A versatile base to suit all milkshakes, fruit or vegetable smoothies and blended coffee drinks

Simply Strawberry

Makes a great base for all types of red fruit smoothies and classic strawberry milkshakes

Mango Moment

Perfect for adding a tropical twist to your freshly blended smoothies

Why not try... Green Dream smoothie!

One product, so many possibilities...